Cohesive Wrap (Grip Tape) - box of 12 (4.5m x 5cm)

Colour: Camo Grey


One Box of 12 Individual Cohesive Wrap / Grip Tape Rolls

Cohesive wrap is a self-adhering wrap that sticks to itself and not to the skin, hair, or dressings. It is a secondary bandage that functions like tape to hold dressings in place without constricting your fingers, toes, or limbs.

It can also be used to wrap tattoo grips for added comfort.

This self-adhering wrap is porous, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, which encourages clients to keep their dressings on longer. It is ideally used to apply light compression to gauze pads and dressings used after a tattoo procedure or after laser tattoo removal.

Each roll is latex-free and measures 2" in width and 2 metres (5 yards) in length when unraveled and stretched. If not stretched, these rolls measure 2.2 yards long. Each roll is wrapped individually.

This listing is for one roll of Precision Medical Cohesive Wrap in your choice of colour, Black, Blue, Camo Green, Camo Grey or Pink.


  • Self-adhesive bandages; latex-free
  • Roll Measurements: 5yd x 2" (4.5m by 5cm)
  • One box of 12 wraps
  • Colour Options: Black, Blue, Camo Green, Camo Grey or Pink
  • Porous, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Individually wrapped

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