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Alpha-Betts Freehand Stencil Markers (1 box of 6 markers)

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One box of 6 markers (2 markers of each type)

Alpha Premium Skin Markers

The perfect pro pen system for freehand stencil drawing.

A three pen system for freehand stencil, working up from a foundation water based styling pen, a base semi-permanent refinement pen to a final lock stencil grade pen.

Alpha Markers came to be by answering a basic question: why is there not a premium marker for creating great tattoos? Something that's easy to remove or stays rock solid?

By drawing on skin you can give the flow and fit to body or space. BJ Betts developed these with methods that have worked for him for the past 2 decades. He hopes to put these markers in your hands, to allow your work to shine.

Pen 1 Foundation: Sketch on for form, fit and flow. Our water based ink allows for easy rendering on skin, that's easily removed for reworking your ideas quickly. The dual brush tip and bullet tip allow for infinite line weight to match your style. 2 different light colours included.

Pen 2 Base: A semi permanent Alcohol base to REFINE your ideas into workable design. Gently wipe away the watercolour foundation base to reveal your clean Base layer on top. Without the mess of your foundation layer left behind making your job easier and your clients confidence soar. 2 strong colours included.

Pen 3 Lock: Our lock layer is a violet stencil layer that holds up to wiping and tattoo work. Once dried (allow 10 mins drying time for ultimate results) this will perform as well as stencil paper without the rigidity of a stencil. 2 per box.