Balm Sunblock 75 (SPF+50 - 30g)



Balm Sunblock SPF+50 (30g)

☀️ Balm Tattoo Sunblock 75 ☀️
Show off your beautifully tattooed body without worrying about colour fading or sunburns.

Balm Tattoos unique formula protects and nourishes at the same, this suncream can be used on fresh tattoos as an extra protection.

Balm Sunblock 75 with a high concentration of Dexpanthenol (5%) and SEPITONIC M3, specifically indicated for the protection and care of your tattooed skin. Balm tattoo 75 not only moisturises and helps with the regeneration of your skin. It also helps by keeping the vibrancy of the colours of old and new tattoos, preventing them from oxidizing and protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Panthenol 5%
Sepitonic M3

None of these nasties included:
Propylene Glycol
Mineral Oils

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