3M COMPLY SteriGage Sterilisation Integrators x100 bag



One bag of 100 sterilisation indicators type 5
  • Type 5 Chemical Integrator manufactured in accordance with ISO 11140-1:2014
  • Tested to be equivalent to, or exceed the performance of Biological Indicators (ISO 11138)
  • For use in ALL Steam sterilisation cycles from 121°C to 135°C
  • Helps prevent costly infections – identifies non-sterile instruments before they reach the customer
For any autoclave that does not give a parameter printout of a cycle, the autoclave must be verified each day it is used. To do this a class 5 indicator should be placed in the centre bottom of the autoclave (preferably in the morning). The indicator changes colour when all parameters have been met for a cycle i.e. time, temp and pressure.


3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ 1243A, 1243B, and 1243E Steam Chemical Integrators are chemical indicators consisting of a paper wick and a steam and temperature sensitive chemical pellet contained in a paper/film/foil laminate. The chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark colour along the paper wick. The migration is visible through a window marked REJECT or ACCEPT. The extent of migration depends on steam, time, and temperature.

Indications for Use

Use Comply SteriGage 1243A, 1243B, and 1243E Steam Chemical Integrators for pack control monitoring of all 118-138ºC (245-280ºF) steam sterilisation cycles.




Do not use Comply SteriGage 1243A, 1243B, or 1243E Steam Chemical Integrators to monitor dry heat, ethylene oxide, or other low temperature sterilisation processes.

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