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Cheyenne Hawk UNIO Tattoo Machine

Original price $1,051.48
Original price $1,051.48 - Original price $1,051.48
Original price $1,051.48
Current price $746.21
$746.21 - $746.21
Current price $746.21

Cheyenne finally have the option of an adjustable stroke in a single rotary pen from 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm all in the classic Hawk model shape.

Unleash Your Tattooing Potential with the Cheyenne Unio Tattoo Machine

What is the Cheyenne Hawk Unio Pen? The Cheyenne Hawk Pen revolutionised tattooing, setting the industry standard for precision and performance. Now, meet its successor—the Cheyenne Unio Tattoo Machine. It takes innovation to the next level.

Change Stroke: Tailor your tattooing experience. With the Cheyenne Unio, you can effortlessly change the stroke length, allowing you to switch between lining, shading, and colouring, all in one machine.

The Best Tattoo Machine: When it comes to tattoo machines, Cheyenne is synonymous with excellence. Unio is the embodiment of this legacy, offering artists unmatched versatility, ergonomic design, and exceptional reliability.

Power Supply for Cheyenne Hawk Pen: To power your Cheyenne Unio Tattoo Machine, use a compatible Cheyenne power supply. These supplies ensure precise voltage and stability, enabling you to create your art with confidence.

Elevate your tattooing game with the Cheyenne Unio Tattoo Machine—an instrument that adapts to your skills, setting the stage for your best work yet.