COIL BUNDLE: Lucas Ford Custom Jensen Liner & Shader

$1,000 $1,100


Pick up this beautiful custom liner and shader pair from Canadian machine maker, Lucas Ford and save bucks.

This is a beautiful matching pair of custom Jensen coils from Canadian machine maker and tattooist, Lucas Ford.

Both are finished with a high gloss candy red paint with matching double wrapped coils and all round black hardware. The liner with a red reflective coil wrap and your shader with a onyx black diamond wrap.

Making for an absolutely beautiful unique pair that should stay together and find a welcome home.

Machine Running Recommendations


All round liner for medium to large groupings and a med/long throw

Needle sizes: 5-9's

Volts & Speed: tuned to 5-6V, 135cps, runs 5-8V


Medium speed shader for all groupings, long throw and solid hit

Needle sizes: 9-15 mags

Volts & Speed: tuned to 5-6V, 109cps, runs 5-8V

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