Cosmetic Ink Cup Holder Finger Ring — Black — Bag of 50



One Bag of 50 Black Plastic Adjustable Finger Rings for Holding Cosmetic Ink Cups

These Cosmetic Ink Cup Holder Rings make for a more convenient permanent makeup procedure. The Cosmetic Ink Cup Holder is worn like a finger ring, allowing for more efficient access to your cosmetic inks while tattooing. Each ring is made of PE plastic and is adjustable to fit a wide variety of finger sizes. These rings hold 1.5cm x 1.5cm cosmetic ink cups.

This listing is for one bag of 50 Cosmetic Ink Cup Holder Rings in Black. Purchase 1.5cm cosmetic ink cups (complete with mini sponges) separately.


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PE Plastic
  • Dimensions: 3cm (L) x 1.2cm (W)
  • Slightly adjusts to fit a wide variety of finger sizes
  • Designed for cosmetic ink/permanent makeup pigments
  • Price per one bag of 50 cosmetic ink cup holder rings

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