Dynamic Ink 15 bottle colour set

Size: 4oz
$495 $592


Save over 15% when you pick up this fantastic set of 15 colours inks from the team at Dynamic Color, including their famous Black and White inks known and trusted by tattooists around the world.

Dynamic Color are famous for their black and white inks used by the majority of artists globally. You know and trust them, but have you seen their brilliant range of colours as well?

Dynamic colours have the same qualities, go in easily, great for packing and hold their colour to last. The Dynamic colour range is easy to navigate and has some wicked shades at great prices.

Industry Tattoo Supply have put this special colour set together especially for artists looking to obtain some reliable and solid clean colours for their work. These sets are not available anywhere else and we have included a big discount, over 15% on top of the normal low price.

The sets are available in two options:

  • 1oz = 15 x 1oz bottles
  • 4oz = 13 x 4oz colour inks PLUS 1 each of the 8oz Black and 8oz Triple White inks

Colours included in the sets are:

Black, Triple White, Blue, Golden Yellow, Brown, Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow, Electric Blue, Burgundy Red, Green, Tropical Purple, Leaf Green, Light Brown, Orange and Teal

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