Feldman Black Widow Custom Liner



Custom-built by tattoo artist Brandyn Feldman, the Black Widow is a reliable liner machine that is ideal for executing precise and firm-handed tattooing procedures.

This handmade machine boasts a sturdy, custom “black-out” frame precision-cut in house with state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Featuring high quality blue steel springs, a custom copper contact screw, and 1.25” wrapped coils, the Black Widow is a one-of-a-kind machine offering buyers deluxe hardware and expert performance.

Designed specifically for lining work and utmost control, the Black Widow is easily adjustable and able to effortlessly push needle groupings of size 7 up to 14.

It runs at a medium-fast speed at low voltage, making the Black Widow a reliable, all-around liner.

The machine comes packaged in a custom Feldman Electric box featuring an image of a spike-collared bulldog. A certificate of authenticity is included with your purchase.


  • Black wrap 1.25” coils
  • CNC-machined custom “Black-Out” frame
  • Custom-made copper contact screw
  • High quality blue steel springs
  • Designed to push needle groupings sizes 7 up to 14
  • Runs expertly at medium-fast speed at low voltage
  • Handcrafted by tattoo artist Brandyn Feldman

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