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Feldman Aussie Bulldog Shader / Colour Packer - Front Loader

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Beautiful bulldog front loader shader from USA coil master craftsman, Brandyn Feldman. These bulldog shaders are finished with a natural, waxed steel frame for that natural steel look and heritage and feature a front loader vice set-up.

Machine Features and Spec’s

  • Hard hitting shader/packer for all day work capable of handling delicate gauges to larger groupings
  • CNC machined out of low carbon steel, with matching low carbon steel coil centres and armature bars for a balanced magnetic circuit.
  • 8 wrap coils and 47/50 capacitors all USA made to Brandyns custom specifications
  • New old stock hardware. Classic USA made components secured and stored by Brandyn Feldman for his use in these machines
  • Brass hardware and contact screws with silver solder for efficient electrics
  • Polished blue steel springs 0.18/0.18 front and back
  • 2deg spring shelf angle
  • 205g weight

Machine Running Recommendations  

  • Needle size : 7-13 mags
  • Volts & Speed : runs low at 6V and 118 MHZ unloaded