Goblins Set by Dynamic (5 bottle colour set)

Size: 1oz
$50 $57.50


1oz Dynamic colour set that includes these goblinesque colours. This set includes a 1oz bottle of each: Lime Green, Leaf Green, Green, Violet, and Magenta.

Perfect for your ghouls, trolls, or garden and botanical neo trad tones.

Dynamic Color are famous for their black and white inks used by the majority of artists globally. You know and trust them, but have you seen their brilliant range of colours as well?

Dynamic colours have the same qualities, go in easily, great for packing and hold their colour to last. The Dynamic colour range is easy to navigate and has some wicked shades at great prices.

These sets are designed to give you a great selection of colours by palette at a reduced price so you can test out the Dynamic colours, we are sure you will love them!

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