Kewpie Doll (Tattooable Soft PVC Vinyl Doll)

Size: 20cm


One Kewpie Doll

Available in two sizes = 20cm height and 29cm height.

Thanks so much to @lucyfer_artist for her suggestion and artwork shown here.

Kewpie dolls with beautiful blue eyes, long lashes and dimple curl hair just ready for your artistic efforts to bring this baby to life.

Made from soft PVC vinyl. Non-toxic and safety tested. The surface is great for practicing your tattoo style and takes ink well in comparison to many of the synthetic skins available. Get used to a more firm rounded practice skin and makes a great addition for your shelf when complete with your best designs.

The Kewpie Doll is made in Japan. It has moveable head, arms and legs.

Extremely popular in the early 1900s, Kewpie dolls were first produced in Ohrdruf, a small town in Germany. A unique retro baby doll for little ones to add to their collection or as decorative doll.

Kewpie is fondly remembered as a show or carnival doll in Australia.

Made in Japan stamped on its back. 

Kewpie dolls are based on an early 20th century design by Rose O'Neill. The cartoon characters were baby cupid figures, and the word "Kewpie" is a variation of "Cupid".

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