Lucas Ford Blacked out Widow V Shader - shader / colour packer



This bolt-up Widow V Shader / Packer is a blacked out beauty. Slow and punchy with a long slappy hit. Tuned for big groupings for your shading and colour packing work. 

Made in Canada by Lucas Ford especially for us in July 2022.

All Lucas Ford coils come in a Lucas Ford foamed box with spare springs, specs and authenticity sheet as well as one year warranty.

Handmade in Canada by Lucas Ford.

Machine Features and Spec’s

  • Steel frame bolt up widow frame construction
  • 217g total weight
  • Easy to operate tube chuck that will accept all tubes
  • Tattooer designed, programmed, and machined for highest quality.

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Needle sizes: medium to large groupings, 9-15s and up
  • Volts & Speed: Tuned to 6.5-8V, 105Hz
  • Tested and tuned with needle and tube.

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