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Lucas Ford Model F - Matte Black Clip Cord

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Known and respected globally, the Model F from Canadian machine maker and tattooist Lucas Ford available with a Clip Cord fitting.

A smooth running, light machine that handles everything. With simple adjustments it can be set up for fine line small groupings, to massive mags. Seperate springs for Long Bar Needles and Cartridges included, this machine does it all so well its incredible value makes its popularity no surprise.

The Model F is supplied with several extra springs and instructions giving you the user the opportunity to completely tailor the speed and hit to your specific likes or needs. This machine can be set up to do anything you need, from gentle single needles to huge mags. Lay down laser lines, smooth shading and pack colour like you’ve never experienced before. Effortless.

All machines are shipped with a premium clip cord using only the finest amphenol plugs and a super flexible, durable cord. 

The Model F will change your day, making your tattoo set-up so easy.