Premium RCA 8' silicone cable in black



Premium Pro Design Tattoo RCA Cable With Red Phono Plug

This top-of-the-line silicone RCA cable is 8 feet long, and it has a distinguishable red phono (RCA) plug on one end. There is a 1/4" jack mono plug on the opposing end of this RCA cable.

These are some of the best copper-tip RCA connectors available in the industry. The silicone wire in them reduces tangling, and these RCA cables are extremely lightweight. 


  • RCA Cable Length: 8 Feet
  • Plug Types: Phono (RCA) Plug & 1/4" Jack Mono Plug
  • RCA Tip Is Filled With Top-Quality Copper for Superior Connectivity
  • Red Phono Plug Makes Cable Easily Distinguishable
  • Silicone Wire Is Tangle-Resistant

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