Magnum Curved - Cartridge

Size: 1007 Bugpin Curved Magnum - 3.5mm Taper


Magnum Curved - one box of 20 individually packed cartridges

Precision Cartridge Needles provide a stable and consistent tattooing process.

Each cartridge is manufactured from polycarbonate material, which is the sturdiest and most durable plastic available for a cartridge shell. This composition minimises the risk of needles cutting the plastic during the tattoo process and provides consistent membrane tension. Each cartridge is also specially designed for unparalleled needle and tip compatibility.

Precision cartridges have a unique designed tip for each needle diameter.

Another feature that makes these cartridges distinguishable from other cartridges on the market is their ability to have magnum needles sit on the tip without twisting. Additionally, the Precision round liner and shader cartridge needles are constructed with a precisely molded stabiliser to minimise shaking for an even tension.

Precision cartridge needles come in Round Liner, Tight Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, and Curved Magnum configurations. Each cartridge has a colour-coded backing to indicate what type it is.

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