Purple Mist Coil - Power Shader / Colour Packer (medium to large groupings)



This coil is made for great WHIP shading that stays true over time, handling anything from a 9-49 magnum, fast and solid colour packing and blackwork on big areas. 

Colour packing - recommended for 9-35 magnums.

Black and grey wash 25-49 magnums

Vlad Blad Coil Warranty: 25 years of warranty for the frame, coils, armature bar and capacitor, 1 year for the spring, vice screw, contact screw binding posts. 1 year of warranty for coils cover and frame coating (except vice screw area).

Machine Features and Spec’s

  • Steel Wolf frame construction 
  • Clip Cord Connection
  • 225g total weight
  • Easy to operate tube chuck that will accept all tubes.

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Recommended Voltage: 5-8v
  • Needle sizes: 9 - 49 Mag 

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