Solid Ink: 25 Colour Set

Size: 1oz


This has to be one of the best value sets available and includes many of the favourite colour flavours from Solid Ink such as their red demon, "Diablo", the stunning green, "Dragon" and the cracking yellow, "El Dorado". Plus, the Lining Black is one of the best blacks on the market, you will love it.
The bottles wont last long so this suits the artist wanting to try out the Solid Ink range, as well as those restocking at a value price.
This 25 Colour Set includes "The Mixer" in a larger size bottle and the following colours:

Dark Blue, Matte Black, Lime, Dark Green, Silver, Diablo, Chocolate, Yellow, Violet, Medium Green, White, Orange, El Dorado, Nice Blue, Red, Magenta, Brown, Pink, Miami Blue, Lavender, Dragon, Dulce de Leche, Peach Orange, Bordeaux, Lining Black.

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