Solid Ink: 60 Colour Ink Set 2oz



60 Bottle Ink Set in 2oz bottle size plus 4oz Mixer
Packed with all the top tones and range in between this set will support some massive colour and composition explorations. ⁠

If you've not tried out the Solid Ink sets, do yourself a favour and have a look, they are great value and have some really beautiful colours so many artists love.⁠
This 60 Colour Set includes "The Mixer" in a larger size bottle and the following colours:

Includes the following colours

Petroleum, Cancun Blue, Bubblegum, Teal, Super Red, Mold, Rose, Neon, Grape, Flesh, Dark Blue, Matte Black, Lime, Dark Green, Silver, Diablo, Chocolate, Yellow, Violet, Medium Green, White, Orange, El Dorado, Nice Blue, Red, Magenta, Brown, Pink, Miami Blue, Lavender, Dragon, Dulce de Leche, Peach Orange, Bordeaux, Lining Black, Purple, Lilac, Sky Blue, Banana, Ochre, Fuchsia (may be replaced for Dead Rose), Boca Blue, Burgundy, Olive, Cream Orange, Mint, Watermelon, Blood, Ultramarine, Coral, Baby Blue, Burnt Orange, Lollipop, Light Green, Cool Grey, Sunshine, Turquoise, Tiger, Deep Red, Agave.

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