Speedy Needle Foot Pedal - Tap ON/OFF



- Strong aluminium box 5cm x 5cm x 3.5cm 
- Painted with industrial grade two pack paint
- Cable gland and tough heat shrink to secure the cable
- 4mm wide & 155cm long flexible cable

Designed to be durable, available in tap on/off and momentary button.

This pedal will start your power when the switch is pushed down. The power supply will continue to be supplied until the switch is again pushed down, which stops the power supply.

Note: For correct operating ensure that the on/off function of your power supply is TURNED OFF before using the pedal. The pedal will operate the power function.


Speedy Needle products are hand made by Australian tattooist, @blakeheppelltattoo, from Southside Brisbane Australia. From his early days as an apprentice taught how to fix foot pedals, clip cords, machines and build machines from scratch, Blake always repaired his equipment before having to replace it.

These traditional skills have been put to use to bring you Australia hand made tattoo equipment thats is simple in their design and function, made from high quality materials and durable construction, work well and do not blow your budget. 

All hardware is handmade from scratch by Blake and is designed to be repaired if breaks occur. 10 plus years in the industry Speedy Needle only provides the best products allowing you to get your job done quicker without having to second guess.

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