Tattoo Kit - The Good Pen Tattoo Kit

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Starting your tattoo career and need your set-up sorted, or looking to refresh your bench? We are here to help and get you going with a bundle of goodies from the best quality global brands at an affordable budget.

Remove the hassle, get it right the first time with these Tattoo Kits.

These kits are for professional tattoo artists and apprentices only. You will need to be able to prove you are working at a licensed premises before any tattoo products are supplied.

Here is the Good Pen Rotary Tattoo Kit including:

Tattoo Machine

  • The Good Pen from Good Guys Supply - 3.5mm stroke rotary pen in black. Designed to completely remove cross contamination risk by separating the machine drive train from the motor to allow complete barrier protection, this pen is for superior performance coupled with the maximum hygienic protection.
  • One box of disposable grips with drive train for the Good Pen
  • Quality RCA cable from Good Guy Supply

Power Supply

  • Atom X - Black power unit with LCD display, easy to use modes and magnetic attachment from Critical Power SupplySpeedy Needle Foot
  • Speedy Needle Pedal - Pink, tap on/off. Australian hand made foot pedals from QLD based tattooist, Blake Workman


  • Alpha-Betts freehand stencil markers - the best in the business for skin marking and freehand work, turn heads and love 'em
  • Paper Ink Cups - bag of 200 biodegradable, paper ink cups in SMALL size
  • Tattoo Wash Bottle - 500ml wash bottle to keep your client clean
  • Wooden Tongue Depressors - box of 100 for your glide
  • Saniglide 4oz - tub of all organic tattoo glide
  • Wheat Straw Biodegradable Razors - Box of 50 reduced plastic razors for skin preparation


  • The Good Barriers - 200 biodegradable cord sleeves
  • The Good Barriers - 200 biodegradable bottle bags


Note - Critical Power Supply Units are provided with a USA plug. An Australian plug adaptor is required and not provided. These are easily purchased cheap from any electronics shop such as Jaycar, JB-Hifi and some Australian Post Office Shops

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