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The Boss, Coil Liner from Brandyn Feldman

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A very special one off Brandyn has provided us for a lucky artist to grab. A burgundy double wrapped Boss coil liner.

Why The Boss?: Conceived when Brandyn was noting some tattooers suffering from joint and carpal tunnel issues, wanting a lightweight, low vibration machine was a major key. A combination frame of aluminium body with a low carbon steel yoke and chuck (vice), press fit for beautiful weight distribution without losing performance integrity or creating that aluminium chatter that can occur with this frame material.

This frame is a combination of Steel and aluminium, it is light weight but sounds and acts like it’s all steel. It had a special vice, "the clever vice" that will accept any type of tube, including plastic, with a firm hold.

This lightweight, front weighted tattoo coil liner machine is a perfect balance between high tech precision and hand crafted.  This machine has give and feels and sounds like a carbon steel coil machine, but remains lightweight at only 189g.

This liner runs 140 unloaded and is set up to push medium to liners.