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The Good Pen - 3.5mm Rotary Pen with Disposable Grip and Drive Train + RCA

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Original price $575.00
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Purchase includes one Good Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine PLUS one box of 20 Good Pen disposable grips including drive train PLUS a quality RCA from Good Guy Supply.

The Good Pen is a worlds first from Canadian innovators, Good Guy Supply, led by tattoo artists Lucas Ford and Rob Jobe. Designed to completely remove cross contamination risk by separating the machine drive train from the motor to allow complete barrier protection, this pen is for superior performance coupled with the maximum hygienic protection. 

Light weight, only 82g with a 3.5mm fixed stroke. The pen will run from 6-10 volts.

These pens have such a nice range, run them at lower volts for softer shading and smaller groupings or turn them up and put down fat lines and push big mags with ease.

Complete isolation of any points of contact that can harbour any potential for cross contamination and a simple 1/3 turn locks the adjustable grip onto the machine head. The entire drive mechanism is sealed inside the grip so you never have to stress over cleaning way up inside your pen. 

Break it down just as simply, 1/3 turn unlocks the grip and the cord and machine head slip back through the cord sleeve together completely isolated from any contamination.

Perfect for shops aiming to be fully disposable.

Box includes a quality RCA cord from The Good Guy Supply team. A box of 20 disposable grips including drive train is also included.