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Pro Shader lightweight - medium to large groupings

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Perfect for fast and solid colour packing, machine set for daily work. Easily runs up to 25 magnums with colour pigments and up to 35 magnum with black ink and graywash.

The bestseller and most popular of our Vlad Blad shaders. It can also make any gradients quickly and smooth.

Machine frequency and armature bar inertia are set in a particular way so it inserts much more ink under the skin comparing with the majority of other machines. As a result you get less skin trauma for improved packing quality and faster skin healing.

Built on a remarkably lightweight Respect A2 frame made from #6061 aluminium. The machine is powder-coated, well-balanced, and features black coils with white designer accents. 


  • Machine Weight: 160g
  • #6061 aluminum construction
  • Pushes magnum needles in size 9 up to 35
  • Use with magnums up to size 25 for colour, up to size 35 for black & gray
  • Recommended Voltage: 5v–8v
  • Ideal for solid colour and black ink packing
  • Black Wolf Aluminium frame with Vlad Blad logo design