16 Color Sarah Miller Valhalla Portrait Set 1oz - 16 bottles

Size: 1oz


The Valhalla Portrait Set is designed by World Famous sponsored pro-team artist, Sarah Miller. She specialises in portrait and pin-up tattoos, with over six years of tattooing experience and a background in graphic design and illustration. The Valhalla Portrait 1oz Set comes boxed with 16 of her go-to colours; see below for included colours.

Set includes Aesir Flesh #1, Aesir Flesh #2, Aesir Flesh #3, Asgard Gold, Fenrir Gray #1, Fenrir Gray #2, Fenrir Gray #3, Freya Purple, Heimdall Brown, Jotunn Blue, Loki Green, Midgard Green, Mjolnir Gold, Ragnarok Red, Valkyrie Flesh Tone and Yggdrasil.

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