Yellow Dayz Coil - PRO Shader / Colour Packer (medium to large groupings)



Perfect for fast and solid colour and black ink packing, machine for daily work! Easily runs up to 25 magnums with colour pigments and up to 35 magnum with black ink and greywash.

Machine frequency and armature bar inertia are set in a particular way so it inserts much more ink under the skin comparing with the majority of other machines. As a result you get less skin trauma for better packing results and faster skin healing.

Wolf 2 frame made of steel.

Machine Features and Spec’s

  • Steel frame construction 
  • Clip Cord Connection
  • 220g total weight
  • Easy to operate tube chuck that will accept all tubes.

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Recommended Voltage: 5-8v
  • Needle sizes: 9-35 Mag 

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