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Ink Keeper

Ink Keeper

Ink Keeper is a Western Australian owned and operated business supplying all natural and vegan after care tattoo balm and tattooing butter.  

Not only Australian made by a dedicated Aussie family, the butter (glide) and balms are made from organic products at an extremely high standard to produce a world class result.

The new Ink Keeper tattoo balm has been completely reformulated into a creamy blend and includes butters and oils known for their healing, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This results in a beautiful, creamy glide made from Shea Butter and has a light mint smell.

It is thick and does not quickly melt on the skin providing a greater lasting glide.The Ink Keeper butter is being used by tattoo artists as a replacement to chemical, paraben and petroleum based products.

The balms are provided in cartons of small 10g tins perfect for your clients to take home after their session or can be individually  sold at the shop front.

  • Ink Keeper Tattoo Balm 10g

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    Ink Keeper Tattoo Aftercare 10g personal tin The Ink Keeper Tattoo Balm creamy tattoo aftercare has been formulated with all natural and antibacte...

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