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Green Soap - Australian Made by CleanSoap (1 litre bottle)

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A 1 litre bottle of Australian Made Green Soap containing double the amount of soap as Cosco Green Soap 16oz bottle.

This locally made Green Soap has been enhanced with Sandalwood essence for a great, natural smell while you work.

Used in all aspects of the Tattooing and Piercing processes, Tattoo Green Soap is the industry standard for skin preparation and general wash and soak soap. 

Green Soap removes soils, blood, ink and soaking surgical instruments.

Here’s how to use it

For skin prep: 

  • Dilute 10% of Green Soap with 90% distilled water. Apply to the skin.

For soaking:

  • Make a solution of 1 cup of Green Soap to 1 litre of distilled water. Soak instruments.

For hand cleansing:

  • Simply pour Green Soap directly into your soap pump and use it just like any other hand soap.

CleanSoap is grey water safe, so more environmentally friendly than typical cleaners. A natural soap made from pure vegetable oils and glycerin, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.