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Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge Tattoo Needles - Round Liner

Original price $54.00 - Original price $57.00
Original price $54.00
$40.00 - $54.00
Current price $40.00

Why should tattoo artists choose Cheyenne Capillary Needles? It's all about precision and innovation.

Key design elements set these needles apart:

  1. Capillary Action: Cheyenne's exclusive capillary action ensures ink flows seamlessly, reducing the need for constant re-dipping. Say goodbye to interruptions in your workflow.

  2. Single-Use Safety: Capillary Needles are single-use and come pre-sterilised, prioritising safety for both artist and client.

  3. Micro-Membrane Technology: This innovative feature prevents ink from entering the grip, keeping your workspace clean and sanitary.

  4. Versatility: Capillary Needles are compatible with Cheyenne's Craft Cartridges, offering a wide range of configurations to suit any artistic need.

Experience precision like never before, minimise ink waste, and prioritise hygiene with Cheyenne Capillary Needles—the choice of professionals who demand the best.

    Inside the tip of the cartridge is a capillary with reservoir. During filling, Capillary Cartridges absorb more ink than conventional cartridges. The result is an up to 10 times longer ink flow before dipping into the ink cap.

    Another milestone in the tattoo world made by Cheyenne.