Dima NBK Grape Grey Set 1oz - 4 bottles

Size: 1oz


Achieve ultimate optimal results with Dima NBK's Grape Grey Set. Grey is a key element in every tattoo, it's strong and versatile.

Purple adds even more creativity, energy, and abundant dimension.

These four inks are the perfect purple shades to make your next tattoo pop.

Individual inks:

  • Grape #1 - This calming, cool lavender purple creates captivating results.
  • Grape #2 - This is the perfect medium purple ink with grey undertones to kick up the dimension. 
  • Grape #3 - This ink is like a fine wine, with rich, strong undertones to make your next tattoo pop.
  • Grape #4 - This dark orchid-inspired ink is enhanced with grey undertones for bold results. 

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