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Superior Autoclave Class S&B - from ProMedCo

Original price $2,636.00 - Original price $5,454.00
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$2,636.00 - $5,454.00
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The ProMedCo S Class Autoclave is TGA approved as a B Class Autoclave and compliant with Australian Standards and backed by a generous two-year warranty.

Suited for both solid instruments and tubes as these S Class autoclaves also have B Class capabilities.

All autoclaves come standard with 3 trays.  There is around a 2.5cm gap between trays, the top tray has a clearance of 3.5cm. The middle tray can be removed to provide a clearance of 4.5cm for the lower tray.

The 18L & 23L models can hold up to 5 trays.

Perfect solution for general instrument cleaning including needles, tubes, tips, cosmetic instruments and piercing tools and pieces.  

All Autoclaves come with a starter kit of:

  • Sterilisation Log Book
  • Sterilisation Pouches (200 pouches - 1 size)
  • Helix Test Kit with 50 strips
  • Sample Indicators
  • 2 x Thermal Rolls

These autoclaves are user friendly and meet the most stringent requirements with the user being able to choose between a quick start and a pre-set or custom-defined option. With an inbuilt thermal printer and USB storage, you have the convenience of a printout and the backup of an electronic copy.

The one-piece solid stainless-steel chamber includes trays and the easily accessible large tank makes it easy to fill and clean as required.

The warranty is valid for 2 years or 2000 cycles whichever occurs first.

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