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Tattoo Soothing Gel from Blackwork Worldwide (15ml/0.5oz)

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A great gel that is easily applied to your tattooed skin as it spreads well and its consistency is just right, not too runny, not too thick. It leaves the skin smooth and non greasy or shiny. Works as a tattoo aftercare product and general moisturiser.

Blackwork’s new Healing & Soothing Gel is the first product combining the essential ingredients of medical grade scar and wound care gels together with a proprietary delivery system utilising micro-encapsulated Copper Peptides

Copper Peptides are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and collagen stimulating, making them the ideal ingredient for soothing and healing both new tattoos and recovering from tattoo removal.

For use immediately after your tattoo to aid healing and reduce redness and swelling, shortening healing time.

This Product is Vegan and made in the USA.