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Extra Battery - Ink Machines Cobra Wireless Tattoo Machine

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The Cobra Powerpack is a stand-alone power supply with an aluminium casing that integrates into the machine body of the Cobra machine, complete with buttons and status lights to run with or without the TPS main unit. 

The Powerpacks can be charged with USB-C from a computer or from the TPS and the TPS charger bay and its USB ports.

Industry leading capacity with 2760mAh lithium batteries to handle long sessions without changing powerpack. Aprox 5-8 hours effective tattooing and recharges in about 90 minutes.

Magnetic contact:
The Powerpack and Cobra machine have magnetic connectors for superior electric connection.

Boost mode: 
Actively controls the voltage to maintain the same speed during various loads and increases the machine power significantly. ( Can only be activated through the app or TPS-500 X2 ).