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Dwayne the Wrestling Rhino - The Tattoo Zoo

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Meet Dwayne, a giant with a heart of gold Rhino plushie pal from the Tattoo Zoo.


  • Large plushie animal toy
  • 15" tall
  • Super soft mink polyester fur
  • Designed by tattoo artist Rod Medina (@rodmedina_tattoo)
  • High-Quality certification

About Dwayne

An absolute gym junkie, draining gallons of protein powder, wheat grass shots, and questionable performance enhancing supplements has resulted in a slightly erratic and short tempered Rhino. The star of the World Organisation of Wrestling (WOW), Dwayne entertains fans of all ages since he transitioned to wrestling after blowing out his ACL playing college baseball.

His deadly trademark move, the Horn Flip, Dwayne has risen the wrestling ladder, defeating the legendary Chim-PainZ. He has the championship belt and when he drops a few pounds of muscle it may just fit around his waist.

Not just a wrestler, Dwayne is a multi-talented singer, actor and writer. A true artist. He hopes to transition into film soon, often promoting his idea for a semi-autobiographical film about a rhino who rises from the ranks of wrestling to become a producer of films.