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Gift Card - Industry Tattoo Supply

Original price $16.86 - Original price $337.30
Original price
$16.86 - $337.30
Current price $16.86

Ready for the holiday season, a celebration or just feeling generous for a friendly pick me up, our gift vouchers are here to help.

These vouchers:

  • can be used on any product
  • do not have an expiry date
  • can be draw down as desired, no minimum or single purchase restriction

Once purchased, you will receive a special code by email which you can print, email or text to the person receiving the gift. This is the unique code that will be used at checkout to draw down on the gift card value.

Our products are for professional tattoo artists and studios only, any customer seeking to use a gift voucher will be verified as working from a licensed studio or have their purchase cancelled.

The exception to this rule is aftercare products, which may be purchased by anyone.

For any questions, requests or issues regarding gift cards you can always contact us at