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Hive Caps - Soldier Bee (Grey) - 200 cup bag

by Hive
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One bag of 200 ink cups. Hive caps are grouped in linked units of 4 cups each. This bag has 50 units making up the 200 total cups.

The cups are reversible for the required unit measure, so one side is a small cup (#9) and just flip it over for a large (#16) sized cup!

Hive Caps are an innovative hexagonal shaped ink cap piece for tattooing that are easy to set-up, stable and customisable.

The intuitive design of the Hive Caps allows for a faster and simpler set-up, allowing artists to simply grab, set down and go!

Soldier Bee Grey coloured Hive Caps

  • SNAP TOGETHER (Just snap together and go)
  • STACK-ABLE (Prevent inks from drying)
  • MEASURING LINES (For reliable mixes)
  • REVERSIBLE (Small and Large. Always have the size you need at hand)
  • EASY FAST SET UP (Just set down and go)
  • STABLE (No ointment necessary)

Greatest Ink Caps for Tattooing. Easy Set Up. Just snap together and get to work.

More stable than standard caps. 

Stack-able and reversible for small and large caps (comparable to #9 and #16). Measuring lines for reliable mixes.

Stack to prevent drying and contamination on long sittings.

Less splatter for cleaner working. Snap them together or use individually. Open Faced for visibility. Countless fun configurations.

Made for Tattoo Artists by a Tattoo Artist.
Sold in bags of 200 caps (50 pieces)
Hive Caps measurements 2.4"L x 1.38"W x .75"H