Model C - Rotary Cartridge Machine

Color: GOLD


The Model C is a dedicated cartridge machine, featuring a coreless motor and RCA connection. A smooth, powerful straightforward machine.

This is a very straightforward machine made specifically for cartridge use. Nothing to think about. Set it up, plug it in and let it rip.

We recommend an operating range of 5-11 volts, do not exceed 12 volts or you will damage the motor.

The Model C accepts both regular and screw on style cartridge grips.

Enjoy effortless trouble free tattooing in all styles. Nothing extra to think about, just plug it in and go.

Available in gold and black colours and this machine accepts both regular and screw on style cartridge grips, we of course suggest the Good Guy disposable adjustable Tuff Tube cartridge grips for that quality you know and trust. Thanks for looking!

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