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InkMachines STINGRAY X2 Tattoo Machine - 4mm stroke

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$1,025.00 - $1,125.00
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Meet the punchy lining specialist from Ink Machines, the Stingray X2 tattoo machine. Want more? No problem, the machine comes wiht a 4.0mm stroke and an additional cam kit can be purchased to provide a full range for stroke lengths for all your work including shading, stippling and packing.

Meet the Stingray X2 Tattoo Machine by InkMachines—an artistic powerhouse that surpasses expectations.

Precision & Power: Widely acclaimed for its precision and power, the Stingray X2 consistently earns rave reviews. Tattoo artists praise its ability to create razor-sharp lines and seamless shading, making it a top choice for various styles.

Durability & Reliability: Built to endure, this machine's robust construction shines in daily use. Its unwavering reliability has garnered a dedicated fan base.

User-Friendly Design: Setup is a breeze, and the ergonomic grip ensures comfort during extended sessions. The X2 Stingray tattoo machine has a lid in the frame that allows quick access to the Stay up spring. Making it easy to remove or re-insert when choosing between standard and cartridge needles.

Versatility: Seamlessly transition between lining and shading, satisfying artists' diverse needs and easily changeable cams for stroke length requirements.

Silent Performance: Enjoy uninterrupted focus with the Stingray X2's hushed operation. New Cap with built in damper prevents clatter and excessive noise when using the softer give settings.

Discover why the Stingray X2 Tattoo Machine reigns supreme. Elevate your artistry with precision, power, and reliability—explore the Stingray X2 now.