SUPREME Round Liner

Size: 1003BPRL - 3 Liner Bugpin


One box of 20 membrane sealed SUPREME cartridges from Good Guy Supply

Beautifully designed innovation from Canadian Legends at Good Guys Supply. These cartridges feature a bunch of great design elements to improve cartridge performance and ease of use:

  • Stable system with downward force on the needle to keep it steady and centred at the bottom of the tip
  • Membrane set for firm tension without being not too stiff or soft
  • Crystal clear tips designed to improve reservoir for ink load and flow with an easy wash out
  • A huge printed highly visible grouping number on the cartridge so you always know what grouping you have

The result is a fantastic needle cartridge system providing improved needle stability and performance, while being super easy to use. We are stoked to be the first team to bring these out to the southern hemisphere

Give them a go and enjoy!

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