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The Artistry of the Stencil - Jake Straat book

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A lovely book from the Australian tattooist Jake Straat, packed with beautiful Traditional stencils from him. This is Jakes second book packed with great designs and perfect references of hand drawn Traditional Flash.

Offering a glimpse into the intricate craft of tattoo design, Each page featuring high quality captures of tattoo stencils.

Jake collected these stencils from designs he has tattooed over time in Cairns Tattoo Studio & Tattoo flash haven 'Royal Blue Tattoo'. Where he continues to practice and showcase the beauty of traditional art & tattoo culture, while paying homage to the legends past.

'The Artistry of The Stencil' by Jake Straat. Each hardcover book is hand numbered and of a limited edition of 100 copies.

• 44 pages
• Hardcover binding
• 33x21.6cm (12x8") in size
• Limited Edition of 100 copies (we only have a few of these)