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Tuff Tube Disposable Cartridge Grips - 35mm (box of 15)

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One box of 15 Tuff Tube Adjustable Disposable Cartridge Grips (35mm)

A 35mm grip for extra comfort, designed with an ergonomic shape to make long sessions easier due to reducing hand fatigue which, over time, will benefit the health of your hands and wrists.

Internal click mechanism to provide a positive adjustment that remains tight and stable throughout the tattooing process. No more wiggle, no chance of accidental adjustment on the fly. 

Tuff Tube cartridge grips are available in both standard back stem and twist on back stems, a direct fit for virtually every twist on applications on popular machine brands like Inkjecta, Cheyenne and Spectra. We do not guarantee fit on any machine, but with our own testing found it fits almost all!