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Ultron CX 3.0mm Stroke

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Ultron CX 3.0 mm stroke 
Designed for delicate graywash shading, colour gradients, and soft colour packing for those who prefer softer tattoo machines. Will comfortably handle fine and medium lines.

When developing the Ultron CX, Vlad Blad focused on three main goals - reliability, simplicity and versatility.

The Ultron CX includes an inertialess eccentric and semi-rotary inertialess motor that allows to soften the hit at low rpm and make the hit harder at high speeds.

An artist can do any kind of work with this machine at a very good level including fine and fat lines, dots and whipshading, soft black and grey shading , colour gradients and solid blacks.

It suits most styles and is one of the most common and favourite tools among Vlad Blad ProTeam artists.

The machine combines:
- super light weight 2.93 oz (83 g)
- comfortable RCA connector that doesn’t pull your hand
- no vibration at all thanks to perfectly balanced mechanism
- the patented mechanism MagStab allows you to get feedback from the client’s skin (the sound and feeling in your hand changes depending on how hard you push). 

All this allows to push the needle with the exact force needed for easy and atraumatic tattooing.

If you use this machine with enough care, it will serve you for many years.

The MagStab mechanism operates with virtually no friction due to the use of special lubrication-free materials.
• If you get a MagStick bar dirty, you simply take it out, clean it and put it back inside.
• You can use only a cord sleeve to wrap both your cable and the machine

Motor - 7 Watt Coreless V1 motor, 10,500 rpm

Powerful neodymium magnets, a perfectly balanced rotor, a reinforced brush component and two high quality bearings are sealed in a stainless steel body with IP66 degree of protection.

This means that the motor is completely protected from dust and can withstand water jets, but please do not pour oil, disinfecting solutions and other stuff inside the machine as this will void the warranty.

Eco friendly

Designed to minimise production waste and environmental impact, the Ultron CX is made of aircraft grade aluminium containing recycled metal and provided in a cardboard box and packaging with as little plastic as possible. The coating is made in a production facility equipped with advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

Machine Features and Spec’s

  • Input voltage: 3-11V max. 11 V
  • Power connections: RCA
  • Rpm range: 0-10,500 rpm (175 Hz)
  • Stroke length: 3.0 mm or 3.8 mm
  • Max. needle size: 49 magnum
  • Weight: 2.93 oz (83 g)